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Denise Wiggins is more than just your average businesswoman: she is a certified life coach, professional speaker, author, and CEO of multiple seven figure businesses:  and she has accomplished it outside of the traditional college success track.  Exploding with talent beyond the walls of academia, Denise Wiggins uses her compassion, motivating personality, common sense and keen business building skills to develop enterprises and movements that embody sustainability and endurance. Over the past decade alone, Denise has built 3 mental health companies from inception to operation, launched a cosmetic line, and founded a non-profit organization — entities flourishing with new age tools to employ , empower, and educate others.  Author of “My Struggle’s, God’s Glory,” Denise chronicles her life’s journey, which has been riddled with the setbacks, challenges and comebacks associated with single motherhood and homelessness.  Through her triumph, Denise brings a fresh and relevant perspective to women, millennials, and entrepreneurs on universal business growth strategies, community service (serving others) and overcoming life’s many challenges.  

Denise lives by faith and executes on purpose. She is on a mission to promote social change by dispersing relevant knowledge and practical implementation that will help others actualize their dreams, while compelling others to serve and cultivate communities globally.  Denise has always had a passion for helping women, single moms, women in business, and all who seek empowerment and mentorship. She believes “whatever situation you may find yourself in, as long as you can dream and have faith – there is no mountain too big to overcome. You must believe that all things are possible through Christ.” 


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