About Denise

Denise Wiggins

As a business expert, innovator, strategist, motivational speaker, and self-published author, Denise Wiggins has a passion to build into others the self-confidence and motivation she knows they need for sustainability and endurance.

Since 2009, Denise has built three mental health businesses “from the ground up”, founded a full cosmetics line, and has recently founded a local non-profit organization for single mothers. All of Denise's businesses are flourishing as tools that employ, empower, and educate others.

Denise lives by faith and on purpose.  She is on a mission to promote social change by dispersing relevant knowledge and practical implementation that will usher in fulfillment of lifetime dreams and compel others to serve and cultivate communities globally.

Denise was the recipient of the Philanthropist of The Year Award in 2016 for her service and self-less contributions to numerous communities. In her book My Struggle’s God’s Glory, Denise chronicles the many challenges from being a single mother and surviving failed marriages, overcoming various obstacle, to presently accomplishing extraordinary things.

Currently Denise enjoys a fulfilled marriage to her king Daryl Wiggins. Together they have grown children and three grandchildren.