My Struggle God's Glory Book

My Struggle God's Glory, Paperback

"This book was a great read. It was like a catapult in the spirit! It propelled me to want and do greater for myself. I have changed the way I think about God's Glory! I continually strive as the author suggested to "Immerse yourself in the Word of God"!! I suggest this book to all who want to experience His Glory...You will be Bless!!"  


The POWER of SUCCESS, "Walk into your Destiny"

A Step by step practical journal on how to be empowered, overcoming obstacles, to winning in life.


Final Book Cover Wake Pray Slay

Wake. Pray. Slay.

Wake. Pray. Slay. is woman's guide to being UNSTOPPABLE!

16 Author's share how they've overcame life's most challenging moments.